Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Brunch is the most important meal of my day. Scratch that. Brunch is the most important meal of my life. That’s why I implemented The Great DC Brunch Tour of 2009/2010, in which my friends & I brunch ‘round the District, eating our way through most Saturday and Sunday mornings.

A few places that have made it onto my “I’ll be bahhhk” list of regulars (pronounced a la the Governator, if you please). Among them are Woodley Park’s Open City, which is two blocks from my house and serves chai tea waffles at all hours, and Dupont’s Urbana, just $11 for all the bellinis your liver can handle. But as our forefathers said (this is DC, after all), “E pluribus unum,” or “Out of many, one” – and for me, that one is Ulah Bistro.

I know. You’re all, “Where?! What?!” I’d never heard of it, either. But frankly, I’m glad you haven’t heard of it – & I’m even wary of telling you about it now, because the joy of Ulah Bistro is that it always, always has room for walk-in brunchers, with a minimal wait. To sweeten/seal the deal, the food is both inexpensive & delicious. I live in desperate fear that the secret of Ulah Bistro’s deliciosity will become public knowledge & I’ll soon have to – GASP! – wait in line for my breakfast burrito next time.

If we’re being honest, I’ve never ordered anything from Ulah Bistro except that darn breakfast burrito.
Though plenty of their other dishes appeal to my picky palette (how could I not love a place that serves Gouda mac & cheese with bacon for brunch?), I’m a firm believer in the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – and that breakfast burrito ain’t broke. It’s crispy, not floppy, as breakfast burritos so often are (I’m lookin’ at you, The Heights), and the stuffing is, well, stuffed with sausage, eggs & cheese to the max. Oh, & no vegetables in there to muck up my quest for a brunch-induced coronary! For just $9, it fills me up & keeps me happy, with potatoes on the side & a smile on my face.

My fellow diners have been all smiles, too, because Ulah Bistro has something for everyone: a few salmon options, a bunch of tasty-sounding omelets, some challah French toast that’s calling my name but has yet to edge out the breakfast burrito for my heart, & even a breakfast burger for the lunch-loving brunchers among us. Prices are cheap – like, tenspot cheap – & appetites are sated. What more could a brunch connoisseur want?

Speaking of old adages, another one I subscribe to is “Two Jews, three opinions,” & my friends & I are no exception to that rule – except when it comes to Ulah Bistro. We’ve been half a dozen times in the past year, yet I’ve heard nary a complaint about the food, the service, the ambiance, the wait, or anything at all. In fact, I dare say that if Ulah Bistro could step into the conflict in the Middle East, they might just be able to work out a food-centric deal for peace – though I guess it shouldn’t involve sausage-filled breakfast burritos.


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