Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tackle Me

In my mind, Georgetown tends to be the land of mediocre food at astronomical prices. If one is looking for something a bit more affordable, the first restaurants that come to mind are Chipotle, Johnny Rockets, and a few other chains. But if you venture a bit farther down M Street, you will find a diamond in the rough.

Tackle Box is situated in the storefront next to it's big - and more expensive - sister restaurant, Hook. Don't think that just because it's less expensive is any less deserving of being eaten. Far from it. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say that it is one of my favorite "cheap eats" places in the city. You walk in and immediately feel at home. The wooden picnic tables feel cozy and the high stools give the place a classic and down-home vibe. The menu is even written on a large chalkboard! But, this isn't a place that you go to for the decor; you go for the food.

For $9, you get a meal consisting of one fish, one side and one sauce. If you want to up the ante, you can spring for another side for a grand total of $13. There are numerous fish choices that arrive either fried or grilled. For those of you who are anti-fish, there is also the option of chicken or a burger patty. My personal favorite is either the crispy shrimp or crispy catfish. For sides, you can choose to go healthy (i.e. grilled asparagus) or more traditional (i.e. mac & cheese). There are also seven choices of sauce ranging from traditional homemade tarter sauce to the lemon-garlic aioli. It's ultimately a personal decision as it all depends on what experience you are looking to have. Are you hoping to transport yourself to the a the coast of Maine or are you looking to have a meal that is reminiscent of a healthy dining experience one might have in Northern California?

If you save room - and don't mind spending a bit of extra money -get the blueberry pie. that is, if they haven't run out... which they do... a lot. This pie is fantastic and is absolutely worthy of all the praise and awards it has received. The blueberries are sweet and juicy, and there is something about the pie crust that reminds you of the homemade crust your grandmother used to make around the holidays.

Take my word for it: Tackle Box is simply delicious, especially when you look consider the chain alternatives nearby. Don't believe me? Just go try it. You'll thank me later.

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