Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not A Scrooge

The coffee shop around the corner from my apartment considers the coffee they sell to be "for a cause." How can anyone argue with that, especially when the shop is owned by a church. This quaint space at the corner of 2nd and F Street NE is far from preachy. In fact, it seems that the java and community come before anything that can be found in the bible.

Ebenezer's is known in this neighborhood not only because they sell great fair-trade coffee, but they are also known for their simple lunch menu and their frequent community and music based events. The coffee shop hosts musicians and holds other fun events such as dance lessons and poetry nights on Thursdays and Fridays. It is events like this that help to create a feeling of community, something that is not always easy to find in this city. The menu hits the spot with fresh salads, subs and soups.

Although this java house is located in the shadow of Union Station and the Securities and Exchange Commission there is a calming quality that is present. Ebenezer's has comfy chairs inside and a generous patio outside - both spaces are welcoming, making you feel like you can linger for hours over your coffee. There is also free wi-fi, making this the perfect place to come and do work or catch up on email.

I can't promise you that your time at Ebenezer's will be an enlightening experience, but I can promise you that you will find comfort in the coffee and the community.

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  1. I am a huge fan of Ebeneezer's and as my friends call it, their "Jesus Coffee." At one point, I was there on a near daily basis for many of the reasons you outlined above, but alas work has taken me away from that area. However, a trip this recent Sunday proved the place to still be all smiles and friendliness. In what I am sure is at least hundreds of visits, never did I witness any preaching or proselytizing. The place just warms my atheist heart.