Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pete's Apizza

Who out there remembers the Little Ceaser's commercials from the 90s? Oh come on, you've got to remember the awkward cartoon character that said "pizza pizza" at the end of every 30 second spot. When
Pete's Apizza opened a few years ago, everyone seemed to confuse the new restaurant and the silly saying. Yet, "Apizza" is actually pronounced "ah-BEETS" in the true New Haven dialect. The pronunciation isn't the only thing that is reminiscent of this Connecticut city, everything from the crust to the pizza toppings scream East Coast.

The crust is extremely thin, allowing the dough to become crunchy on the outside while still remaining delightfully chewy on the inside. Yet, this is only the beginning. You can choose to order a whole pie or just grab a slice. The toppings are extremely fresh and change on a regular basis. If you enjoy the classic there are always a few pies that are simply cheese or cheese and pepperoni. To stay true to the New England roots, Pete's offers the New Haven classic pizza with clams, olive oil, oregano and pecorino.

If you aren't a pizza person, or you just want something a bit different try one of the many options that fill out the remainder of the menu. They include panini, pastas, antipasti and other Italian treats. The Sorbillo's Original is an "homage" to Itaty and is a rectangular shaped pizza filled with Salumi, ricotta and mozzarella. Prior to visiting Pete's I have never had anything quite like it. It's not a pizza, it's not a calzone, but it is an incredibly satisfying middle ground. Also, you won't be disappointed if you order one of the many salads that are offered. I ordered the crispy goat cheese salad and my friend ordered the caesar. The goat cheese was amazing, and don't tell my mom, but their version of this salad is better than hers. All the ingredients married perfectly, making me think that I could eat this every day of the week and die happy. The caesar didn't have the same punch, but the dressing was house-made and the crispy parmesan chips elevated the salad to another level.

Pete's also offers a great happy hour special that will make any young professional smile. You can get a beer and a slice of pizza for $5. I don't know how you can get much better than that. In addition, this may be the best pizza in DC that does delivery. Yes, it's a limited area, but as Pete's expands, more neighborhoods will be able to call and order in this local favorite.


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  1. I didn't really love Pete's when I went, but my friends are obbbbsessed. Maybe I should try aagin?