Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet and Tangy

When you walk into TangySweet, you feel as if you walked into an old school iMac ad from the late 90s. The bright neon colors seem to be bouncing off the stark, white walls and the music that they are playing sounds like something Steve Jobs would have picked personally. I am a loyal Mac user, but the visual aesthetic is far from what draws be back time and time again.

In Cincinnati, I got hooked on our local yogurt place (called Yagoot). For a year or so, there was noting comparable in DC. Then, suddenly, a number of places popped up; my favorite has been and will continue to be TangySweet.

TangySweet's frozen yogurt - there are a number of flavors including mango/peach, Green tea, and guava - is a bit tart, but is all natural and is less than 90 calories a serving! For those of you who are watching your waistlines or you aren't making it to the gym as much as you want to, it's the perfect snack. But what can add calories to that little treat are all the toppings that the shop offers; there is something for every taste-bud and craving. I happen to be partial to the honey and the fresh fruit, but there is everything from chocolate chips and candy to yogurt chips and granola. If you want to make your dream concoction, your best bet is to order the TangySweet special which gets you a medium yogurt and three toppings for about $6. You can't beat that, especially when you can justify it as being a healthy "lunch."


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