Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brunch Bunch

On Saturday, a good friend of mine and I decided to head out to Old Town Alexandria in Virginia to escape the crowds. Upon arriving in Virginia, we realized that we'd left our respective apartments without eating anything substantial. So, the next question was not just where to eat, but where to eat so that we could refrain from breaking Passover.

Eating out during Passover really is a test of one's will. First off, it's hard to find a place where you can eat and avoid pretty much all yeast, flour, corn and everything else that we Jews are supposed to give up for a week every year.

As we were talking along King Street, we came upon Vermilion, which had its brunch menu posted outside. The one thing that caught my eye was their latkes, traditional Jewish potato pancakes. Now, I am never one to turn down a decent latke, and knowing that Vermilion is owned by the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, I was left with no doubts of their quality.

My friend and I both opted for the 3 eggs - I had mine sunnyside up and she had them scrambled - that came with toast, latkes and choice of bacon or sausage. Due to our dietary restrictions, we opted for extra latkes instead of toast. When our food came and we took our first bite, we both looked at each other and had a "jinx" moment, a la middle school. What caused this moment? Something somewhat comical. Both of us said that our eggs were perfectly seasoned. I know this seems like a minor detail, but think about how often you have to pull out the salt and pepper to bring out the flavor of your eggs.

The latkes certainly weren’t perfect, but they were done better than most I have had at restaurants, and had plenty of seasoning. I thought they were perfectly crispy, but my friend thought hers were a bit “tough.” I guess it all depends on what you enjoy (Read: what your parents used to make at Hanukkah).

The best part of this meal was its price. We each paid under $11 including tax and tip! I don’t know if I would make a special trip out to Old Town to go back to Vermilion, but I would absolutely head here if I was in the area.


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