Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wired Up

I cannot remember exactly when I discovered Baked & Wired. It may have been sometime during my senior year of college, when I needed a place to disappear for awhile and get work done. Or maybe it was sometime after I came back from my semester abroad and was going to every coffee place in town trying (in vain) to find a cappuccino that came close to the one I could get on any street corner in Roma. But, I guess the when and why I found my secret (though it wouldn't remain so for long) hideaway doesn't really matter. What matters is how much I have grown to love this off-the-beaten-path gem in Georgetown. I come here a lot to get away from the craziness of DC, or just to sit and work on my computer for a few hours and use the free wireless internet.

Baked & Wired is located on Thomas Jefferson (off of M St. NW) about half-way down to the waterfront. The one defining characteristic of the storefront is its signature bright-pink bike that is constantly parked outside. It's a cheery welcoming that entices you to walk over and see what is inside. And, oh the inside it has. The decor isn't anything overly special, but that isn't very important. What is baked and brewed there is what truly matters.

I guess I should start with the coffee, since that is what drew me there in the first place. They serve a full-bodied brew that is roasted by Counter Culture Coffee in North Carolina. First of all, the coffee always smells and tastes amazing. Second of all, the baristas really know what they are doing and treat brewing coffee as an art. No matter whether I'm hanging around and have my coffee in a ceramic mug or if I am taking it to-go in a paper cup, they always take the time to make beautiful rosettas (designs) with the hot milk.

And the baked goods - oh the baked goods. Merely walking into the place could put you in a sugar coma, once you see all of their offerings. Throughout the past few years, I have had the opportunity to try many pastries: from their cupcakes to their brownies to their cookies. Yet, without a doubt, my favorite are their doughnut muffins, which only appear in small batches twice a week. [You can follow Baked & Wired on Twitter to find out their daily offerings.] So, what are you waiting for? Go get baked! Or wired! Or both!

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