Monday, May 10, 2010

A DC Institution

The very first restaurant that I ate at in DC is an experience I won't ever forget. My father and I left American University on that cold winter day, got in a cab and headed directly down Wisconsin Ave NW to Clyde's, a true DC institution.

Clyde's was founded in the early 60's, during the Kennedy administration. It was a perfect storm of the "youthful spirit" and the repeal of loca
l liquor laws that prompted Stuart Davidson to open Clyde's of Georgetown.

The restaurant has the feel of an old fashioned club, from the stained glass that greets you when you enter to the wood that accents every booth, table and corner. You half expect to (and you might) run into a junior Senator or an administration official. This is absolutely one of those places in the District where you can just imagine infamous back room deals being made over oysters and a glass of scotch.

Food here can only be described as classic American cuisine done well. There isn't anything out of the ordinary or crazy on the menu, but it is easy for everyone in a party to find something to eat that will tickle their taste buds. You can find anything from fresh lobster (currently less than $20 for one!) to a traditional turkey sandwich on sourdough. Clyde's strives to use fresh and seasonal ingredients, meaning the menus at each of their locations are constantly changing. Right now you can order a Maryland soft shell crab sandwich, but don't count on that being on the menu a few months from now when they are no longer being caught in the Chesapeake.

Clyde's is also a great place to order a few appetizers to share with a group of friends. You can't beat their crab dip, and I have been told that their buffalo chicken wings are to die for. It's the perfect location to head to before catching a game at the Verizon Center or when you need a break during your shopping spree in Georgetown.


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  1. Ick. Clyde's is the only restaurant I've eaten at where the service & food were so terrible that I didn't tip AT ALL.