Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Easy Being Green

Yes, I admit, I am addicted FourSquare. Before you make fun of my dorkiness or warn me that people are going to stalk me and break into my apartment, I would recommend that you learn more about this new social media tool. There are plenty of benefits to checking in at each store, restaurant and other random venue you frequent. As of yesterday I am the newly crowned "mayor" of Sweetgreen in Bethesda entitling me to a free Sweetflow (i.e. yogurt) each time I go to the store. Not too shabby. Even if I didn't get a freebie, I would still spend plenty of time at one of the 4 locations (5 if you count their roving food truck).

Sweetgreen was started by 3 Georgetown graduates who were tired of asking themselves where they should go eat. According to their website it was then that they decided to open a place where they would happily dine on a daily basis. Without a doubt, they succeeded. Everything about each Sweetgreen location draws you in and entices you to linger. The wood paneling and green accents can accurately be described as simple, modern and chic. The lights are bright making it the perfect place to sit and do a bit of work while enjoying a healthy treat.

The ingredients for the salads are a colorful display that looks just as pretty as it does appetizing. There are multiple types of greens, vegetable, dried fruits, cheeses and other toppings. Most of the items are locally grown and/or organic. This makes for a more expensive salad than most people are used to, but the freshness makes it worth every extra penny. You have the option to choose a salad from their menu (there are both traditional - i.e. caeser and more creative "chef-crafted" salads). If none of the options sound appealing you can create your own. Each store also features a salad of the day that contains items bought from local farmers markets.

If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than their frozen yogurt with active cultures which is called Sweetflow. It was inspired by the West coast favorite, Pinkberry, but it has it's own East coast twist. You can top the yogurt with everything from agave nectar to ladyfingers. Sounds perfect to me, especially since I know it's not only healthy and sustainable, but also really really good.

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  1. I adore Sweetgreen, except for their sort-of-gross balsamic sweet potato fries, which I tried today & wished I hadn't. I have the same salad almost every time & LOVE IT. So jealous you're the mayor! The mayor of the Dupont one has checked in 28+ times...