Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Love You I Do

It wasn't a pastry chef or a well known bakery that can be credited with bringing the cupcake trend to Washington DC. In 2002 a lawyer left his firm and opened a small cake shop in the up and coming neighborhood of U Street. Head baker, Warren Brown started selling simple cakes and cupcakes made with butter, sugar and other ingredients that could be referred to as "the good stuff" at Cake Love.

In the past 8 years the business has grown and there are now 6 locations around town. Yet, there is just one Love Cafe. Love Cafe is considered to be the little sister of Cake Love, but I would consider it to be more along the lines of the better half of a relationship. It is located across the street from the original bakery, and maintains a very laid-back vibe. It is the type of place you would go on a Sunday morning with the newspaper and some friends to hang out for a few hours. Every day they offer a rotating assortment of baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and good old fashioned breakfast items such as an egg sandwich. On the weekend they offer a limited number of frittatas, giving you a reason to get out of bed before your alarm goes off.

Even though the name of Brown's empire recalls cake, I don't recommend that you make a beeline for the cupcakes in the case. The cake tends to be a bit dry, and they are served chilled (which kind of turns me off). There are far better ways to inhale your calories and spend your money. Instead I recommend spending less than $10 0n a savory dish and an cappuccino made with Italian espresso and walking away full. Love Cafe isn't the most innovative or exciting, but it feels like a neighborhood hangout, which is sometimes all you need.

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  1. Since CakeLove opened people in the DC culinary community, at least those with a serious appreciation for quality cupcakes, have been sour on the joint and all of its iterations. I share that general impression, but I also share your opinion that the place is a decent-enough spot for coffee and whiling away an afternoon.