Thursday, June 10, 2010

What You Need is Brainfood

One of my favorite shows on the Food Network is (and has always been) Iron Chef. There is just something so exciting about watching the chefs try and create amazing dishes on the fly while trying to incorporate the "secret ingredient." Sure, I enjoy the Japanese version better - I mean, really, it's pretty funny to listen to the voice-overs, but I can think of one thing that is better than that - a real-live-in-person iron chef competition.

Now, I know that this blog caters to young professionals who are trying to eat well on a budget, but even sometimes we need to go above and beyond our typical monetary limits, especially when it benefits a great cause. In DC there is an organization known as Brainfood, which is a non-profit youth development organization. Using food as a tool, Brainfood builds life skills and promotes healthy living in a fun and safe environment. Sounds like a great way to engage people, right? I mean, who doesn't like food?

Tonight they are hosting their 4th annual Grill-off, which is an evening outdoors with food, drinks and entertainment. The event in being held at the Stephen Decatur House in Lafayette Square. There will be an exciting grilling competition where you can watch teams of award-winning chefs, amateur grilling aficionados and Brainfood program graduates compete for the Brainfood Skillet Award and the Brainfoodie Choice Award. (i.e. a spin on an Iron Chef challenge).

If you have any interest in joining me (and chefs from Zola, Potenza, Birch & Barley, the White House and other well known area restaurants), click here to purchase tickets.


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